LEBL by Leon Blok started out in January 2016, right after Leon graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Having a passion for high-quality fabrics, products and patternmaking, he just went for it. After only a few months of experimenting, Leon revealed a true talent for creating bespoke tailored denim. His experience within retail and design of premium fashion brands had inspired him – but back then it was time to go out on his own. 

By now, LEBL has grown beyond being a mere brand. It's an attitude that enables you to design your own lifestyle. In the best possible way. You'll feel this for sure when you enter LEBL studios at the Wittenburgergracht 189 in Amsterdam. It's a place of creativity, where different personalities meet. It's raw, authentic and far from over-polished. And that's exactly what you get when you work together with Leon. A true experience. 

Leon takes you through the whole process and understands what you are really about. Doing designs, patternmaking as well as the production himself, there are just no limitations to his work. Well, almost none. But become inspired yourself and get your very own LEBL. We assure you it's fun. And this is just the beginning.