How to
Get Yours

We would love to see you in our studio getting your very own LEBL, but realise that with some of you it's oceans or kilometres keeping us apart. No better way than ordering your LEBL online then!


A Gentleman's Agreement.

We take jeans seriously. LEBL jeans are exclusive bespoke garments that we carefully design, construct, sew, seam and finish by hand, using only the highest quality fabrics and materials and the best tailoring techniques. Our jeans are fitted to perfection and in sync with your own unique style and personality. Because of this, LEBL jeans will be a joy to wear for a very long time.

After your purchase, the story begins...



1st Meeting: It’s All About You.

We sit down and have a chat about your style, your personality, what you do. We also discuss any ideas you might have about your new favorite jeans.

I take your body measurements and go into the subjects of fit, choice of fabric and details like pockets and stitching. LEBL serves as your sounding board and I will give advice, but you are the one making decisions.



The Design Process.

Then we part ways and I draw up your pattern and design. I carefully construct your sample, advancing original tailoring techniques.



2nd Meeting: The Sample Fit.

We meet again for the sample fit. This is where you test and try the functional design before it will be made out of real denim. I make the necessary alterations to the pattern and adjust things where needed. Next time you’ll see your garment, it’ll be for real.



The Finalization.

When the fitting has taken place, there might be little adjustments to make pattern-wise. Also, the pattern will be finalized meaning pockets and other details will be drawn in. Afterwards, I will transfer the pattern onto the chosen fabrics and stitch together all the pieces to make your jeans ready for pickup.



3rd Meeting: Pick up your new LEBL.

The day has come to try on the final product. When you slip into it for the first time, the raw fabric might feel weird to you. But trust me: after a week or two you might not want to take it off again and it feels like a natural match. Not love at first wear? I’ll adjust it for as long as it takes to feel perfect to you. Good to know: I always file your pattern and sizes after completing your jeans. So if you’re an instant believer and decide to get rid of your entire jeans collection, I’ll have another perfect pair for you in no-time.